Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Message Returned To Sender

An expression of Anger to a friend written 3 years ago, I can still feel the rage in it:

I can see right through your master plans and ulterior motives. you tell me you love me but why don't you show it? been around enough to know this: people can say a lot of things but that doesn't mean that when real life goes down that they will stay in between. Everyone takes a side, saying they stand in the gap. But without a foundation you will crack.. sometimes its easier to run and easier to hide- easier to tell yourself all these lies, that theres nothing you can do, when it was all about you. Choices we make and choices we live with- don't put on a mask and try to play a different role now, you made your bed, now act the part. Don't run to me now that its hurting your heart- now that you see that you chose to leave me. Now that you feel, all the guilt creeping in. You can look at me and blame it all on my sin, but the reality is that you walked away. I've been here- your the one that didn't stay. So don't look at me and place all the blame. I'm not the one thats going to be living with shame. That shame is yours for walking away- As long as I know that I never strayed, I can stand and I can move forward and hold my head tall, because not even you can make me feel small. Not even when you try to use condemnation, knowing full well the choices your making. You can't say that your not choosing sides, then look at me with shame in your eyes.