Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Green pastures peacefully
aligning to the nature of
futures aligned and designed
to stay together or split apart
I know that One is never far
no matter what we are
Even if I don’t know truth
when it comes to you
Even if I don’t know intentions
motives or decisions of my future
Blindly believing you plainly
is ignorance in bliss
A cycle of misplaced trust
Love being something that
is only genuine when unselfish
means that you can only Love yourself
Chemistry becoming  infatuation
seeming like something to be
worthwhile, creating  Smiles
while only distracting and destroying
 Qualities of familiar behavior
Kindly leading me to believe
that you care while only
goading me along with your stare
Stirring me with your smile
keeping me here awhile
while I know that there is
somewhere else
I need to be

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