Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Letter To My Past

A letter to my past
Needs to be written
From start to finish
The ink cannot linger
On the page
This letter needs to
Say goodbye
One final time
To life I knew
The life you stole
From inside me
The magic you polluted
With your unjust sins
Will be purified once again
Once this letter is written
Saying goodbye to all the times
You opened my eyes
Then made me cry
To all the times
You sold me your dream
I was an actor in your story
Where you get all the glory
I was a tool for you to use
Submitted to your abuse
While playing my part

This place has always been
Magic to me
A place to come alive
With creativity
A place I could dwell
And feel at peace
And then you came
And brought your disease

I refuse to allow that
Any longer
As I reclaim my life
And reclaim my honor
You can not steal
This place from me
This place that holds
So many dreams
So many memories
So many tears

I will reclaim my life
And everything
I am entitled to
You called this city your own
But I am taking it back

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