Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I feel safe in your arms and so free from harm yet when I think about all the possibilities it causes me alarm because I've given it all to you and there is no turning back I have made my decision and this is a fact there is no doubt in my mind that I know what I want yet why do I want something that may never come true I guess this is what desire is waiting for you to make up your mind and baby we'll shine baby we'll find our destiny together no matter the weather after this storm nothing can touch us through thick and thin no matter what mess we're in if we come out of this I know we'll make it through anything together now there is no me without you there is no you without me I know that you see this so why are you running why are you holding back half of your heart from me when I know you see all we are made for and all we can be together forever just you and me and nothing else will matter all of our doubts will be shattered with the reality of knowing that I have you and you have me and we will never ever let this go because we both know that we were always meant to be and we will always have each other and look at no other no nothing can break us....

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