Sunday, March 25, 2012


Who was I to tell you
what I would or would not do
Feeling as though I was at my end
without an ounce of strength left
You saw that I was struggling
and knew the mess I was in
You knew what the battle was
When all I saw was sin
I was crying out for help
with a desperate plea
Knowing I wasn’t living right
but not wanting to flee
Loving how it felt
to play with the lust
Tampering with destruction
and turning into dust
He tempted me with false love
This angel of light
Over and over again I fell
and over and over I had to fight
He creeps in corridors
and hides in small places
Hoping we won’t see him
and waiting for us to embrace it
Scales falling from my eyes
and now it’s all so clear
I was a captive soldier on the field
But because I’ll fight, Victory is here