Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Kingdom of God

False grace is a slippery
                 slope of deception
Selling you the perception
                 that there are no consequences to your actions
Preaching that God's love for you
                 is not to be trusted
They say pride is the way, and they can't define justice
Leading sheep astray to a land with no compass
Far enough away to feel so much distance
All because of our own resistance
Left with your addictions
                 and my lack of conviction
Hiding my face in darkness
                 wondering if I'll ever see him again

And when I see him again,
                 is when I start dreaming again
I feel freedom again

If Jesus is peace and Jesus is freedom
Don't we need him to reign in order to recieve them?

When a King reigns, his people follow
Why is this so hard to swallow?
Maybe because we want to rule
               over our own choices
But in doing this,
               we become voiceless

Like Ariel who sold her voice
               on the hope of a dream
Do we realize the price we pay
              while saying he makes us clean?

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